This site hosts the Edinburgh Statistics Journal club, and a collection of helpful advice for getting things done in R. This site is linked to the Edinburgh Psychology Statistics Seminar Group and to the MSc Statistics Course: Univariate Statistics and Methodology using R, as well as The Differential Group Journal Club at Edinburgh. We have a facebook group.

Journal Club

When: Every second Thursday (2-3pm)
Where: S38, 7 George Square (unless otherwise stated)


4 April: Using Instrumental_variables in Statistical Models.

Speaker: Dr. Mark Schaffer, Economics Department, School of Management, Heriot-Watt University.

21 March: An Introduction to Meta-Analysis.

Speaker: Dr. Geoff Der, MRC Social and Public Health Sciences Unit.

21 Feb: Practical Structural_equation_modelling

Presenters: Tom Booth, Aja, Tim, Rene

7 Feb: An introduction to structural equation modelling (SEM)

Lead: Tom Booth

A general introduction for those who are not familiar, and to have some discussion on strengths, limitations and applications for those who are.


  1. Centring and Interactions
  2. Missing Data Methods
  3. 'Bayesian Solutions to Statistical Problems


Future topics

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